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See How They Work


GREEPERS® can be applied to any shoes where laces are tied together with a bow knot.

Laces are reverse-threaded down the shoe and secured with a stopper at the bottom. The GREEPER aperture at the top mimics the appearance of a regular shoe knot, but allows you to loosen and tighten the laces with a simple pull or a tug of the bow.

Oh yeah, and they never come undone on their own.

Everyone Can benefit

  • Sport Friendly

    GREEPER SPORT LACES are perfect for all sports footwear, from running to tennis. Loosen and tighten laces with ease for a snug fit and quick release when you need.

  • Kid Friendly

    GREEPER KIDS LACES are awesome for kids transitioning from slip-ons to lace-ups, and can be cut to fit shoes of all sizes. Greepers enable kids to loosen and tighten laces all on their own.

  • Single Hand Friendly

    The GREEPER ASSIST enables easy one-handed loosening and tightening of GREEPER Laces - just like pulling on a zip pull tab. The assist device is proven as an ideal shoe tightening aid.

  • Triathlete Friendly

    GREEPER SPORT LACES are an amazing secret weapon in T2. A quick slip and a pull and into your run in blazing speed. And with a confident, secure fit through to the finish.

  • Low Light Friendly

    GREEPER HI VIZ LACES provide extra visibility for those dark morning or evening runs. Same quick, easy fit in a super reflective finish.

  • Healthcare Friendly

    GREEPER ASSIST DEMONSTRATOR UNITS are available for occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals who will find it a useful aid to both demonstrate how Greepers work and allow the end users to practice using Greepers prior to purchasing the laces. Please email us to request a free demo unit.

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